10 Tweaks For Better Landing Page Conversions


Focus On Conversion Not Just SEO

Imagine if you had an amazing SEO strategy that drove large amounts of organic traffic combined with a perfectly optimized PPC campaign that pushed even more targeted traffic to your website. Life would be great, right?

In theory it sounds amazing, but all of the traffic in the world is completely useless unless it is converting into sales and leads. The landing pages you push traffic to need to convert your visitors, so I am going to discuss 10 tweaks you
can make to improve your conversion rates.

Quite simply, the more information you ask for, the lower your conversion rate is going to be. Some of your visitors will see multiple form fields and instantly not be interested, while others might start to complete it but then leave without completing it.

Every website is going to require different information, so there is no concrete rule as far as which fields to ask for. It boils down to determining the least amount of information you can ask for while still create a valuable lead. Increase Conversions With 10 Landing Page Tweaks | SEJ


Just Having A Website Is Not Enough

As a business you you need to make sure you and your SEO and or Website Guy/Gal and Marketing Person (they may or may not be you and or the same person) are all on the same page.

The 1st step is for everyone to know what the end goal is.

Sure the goal is more sales and more profit, but different business have different sales channels.  The conversations that McDonald’s has with a customer could just be to help them find the closest store or decide which item is best for lunch.  For a car dealer it could be 1st to get the customer to trust them, help the customer be accepting to the dealer making a fair profit but they are sincerely working hard to put them in the car that fits their needs.  And finally to come into the showroom and meet face to face, with the end goal a purchase.

They List 10 Areas Of Focus Website Conversions

1. Optimize Your Form Fields
2. Showcase Social Proof, Awards, &Accomplishments to Build Trust
3. Feature Customer Reviews andTestimonials
4. Use Live Chat on Your Landing Page
5. Give Your Visitors Direction
6. Split Test Button Text Variations
7. Split Test Button Colors and Sizes
8. Stand Out and Be Memorable
9. Use an Explainer Video
10. Eliminate Unnecessary Text
Conclusion Increase Conversions With 10 Landing Page Tweaks | SEJ

Our Take On The List Of Website Conversion Tips

The 1st area suggests minimizing the amount of information your customer needs to fill in on the form to get a contact from you.  Yep, you want to have a low barrier to people contacting you.  Make it easy for them to do business with you.

Second on the list is showcasing social proof.  We could not agree more with this.  We did this for a couple of client websites.  And they are correct to make sure you like to the specific listing for the business so customers know it is legitimate.


Third on the list is featuring clients reviews and testimonials.  We do this on most all pages of a website.  And link to your Google Business Page or Yelp page. Six and Seven on the list discuss split testing.  Although we have not yet got into actually implementing split testing on any client websites this is a great idea.  You should always test and measure your results and tweak. Then test, measure and tweak again.

Offer The Best Product At The Best Price

Number 8 on the list, well this goes without saying.  You need to be the best you can and offer the best product at the best price.  Making video is so easy.  And can be done quite cost effectively.  They say

Explainer videos are very popular these days and many companies are using them, but not all of them are focusing on quality. If you do not have the proper budget to get a professional video created then don’t do it. A cheap video will make your service or product appear to cheap as well. Some may disagree, but an explainer video that you get on Fiverr or outsource for a few hundred dollars isn’t going to do the trick. A professionally done video with script, voiceover and flawless (and creative) animation can easily cost over $10,000.

Our opinion is yes you want it to look great, but it does not have to be perfect.  And it can be done for a few hundred bucks.  Now I would suggest you invest more in your home page video.  But making videos for blog posts and doing them in bulk can be quite cost effective.

And in closing number 10.  Yes you want to get your message across clearly and that can often be done with images and less text.  But some people like to read and get all the details so maybe consider putting most text below the fold or have plenty of links to “Read More” or “Get More Details”

Image credit: Lending Tree