17 Steps To Get More Exposure Online For Your Local Business In 2 Minutes


17 Steps To Get More Exposure Online For Your Local Business In 2 Minutes

This is the outline of a series of 17 blog posts and videos I am going to do to help local business owners get more exposure for their business online.  All of the information I provide is what I would do to get your business to show up better in the search results and to convert potential customers to paying customers.

I understand you are not spending your time and money on marketing because you enjoy handing over your hard earned dollar.  You want to get a return on your investment.

I am going to take each of these 17 steps and break them down and explain each area into more detail.  I am giving away 99.1% of my strategy.  Why?  Well it is out there on the internet you just need to know where to look and who you can believe.  

 I will update this post with new links to the associated posts and video as their are produced.  So let’s get started and get to the point.

Get More Exposure For Your Business Online In 2 Minutes

1 – Have a website. – Click here for the post titled – “Step 1 – Have A Website- 11 Steps You Need To Consider

2 – Add content for your website – with a page for each product or service and city you want to rank for.

3 – Have a physical presence in that city you want to rank for.

4 – Submit your website to Google Webmaster tools and Bing Webmaster tools.

5 – Install Google Analytics on your website

6. Share your content and interact with your customer on social channels

7 – Create content on a consistent basis – that is useful to your current customers or the customers you are trying to reach

8 – Claim your Google Places for Business Listing – And Bing Places For Business Listing (correct name is Bing Places)

9 – Optimize both your Google Places for Business Listing and Bing Places For Business those listings and link to your website.

10 – Set yourself up with Google Authorship – Have a Google + account and link your Google + account it to your website.

11 – Claim additional citations – Examples would be Yahoo Business Listing, Factual and City Search (City Search is now a paid listing so skip this). There could be hundreds.

12 – Get reviews by real customers. Start with reviews on your Google Places for business page. And respond to reviews.

13 – Continue to create content? Not sure what to write? Make a list of your top 10 questions you get asked and answer those questions.

14 – Do outreach to build links back to your website. But don’t just focus on getting links for the sake of links but get links from websites where your customers may be looking.

15 – Provide a good customer experience

16 – Do old school marketing and go where your potential customers are, like speaking gigs and networking events.

17 – Analyze your Google Analytics data – looking for how customers are interacting with your site now and how you can make that experience better.

With the above knowledge create a strategy to create new content and focus on converting your existing customers to more profitable customers.  Remember to check back and look for more detailed posts and videos to get more exposure for your business online.

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