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About Your Online Marketing Team

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Chad has the experience to help your businesses online marketing

Chad graduated from Shippensburg University in 1994 with a degree business management. Immediately after college he started Carryout Courier, a restaurant delivery service in York PA and Lancaster PA which he still own. Although he still helps out at Carryout Courier he has some great employees who run most of the day to day operations.

Chad understands the importance of customer satisfaction and developing long term relationships with businesses.

Carryout Courier has always been a marketing based business. After handling Carryout Couriers’s website for 10+ years and creating websites for some of the restaurants Chad branched out to work with local businesses to help expand their online presence.

As a business owner he has the knowledge and understanding of how hard it is to run a small business and make that business a success.

In dealing with other vendors over the years he realize what is important to him and other business owners is:

  • Expecting the vendor to perform the job that was agreed to and NOT leave loose ends at the end of the project.
  • Follow through until it is complete.
  • Be accessible and return calls promptly and address your questions in a reasonable time frame.
  • Charge me a fair price.
  • Provide a good product or service so the customer feels like the got a Great deal.
  • You want to be left with the feeling you received more value than you paid for.
  • And if a problem does occur, address the problem quickly and with a solution that is reasonable to all parties involved.

He also know it is best to surround yourself with a skilled team.

He has worked hard to find the right people to address your business goals.  And understands the success of our work impacts your bottom line.  If you would ever be unsatisfied with any of our would gladly address the issue immediately for no additional cost to you.

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Nick is a video artist specializing in video production and motion graphics.  He has a Bachelor degree in Media Arts and Animation and has won four Telly awards in multiple categories for his work in the past.  Nick brings his passion for video and animation into every project he works on, and makes it his goal to make each one a success.”

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Rheanna takes care of helping clients develop a consistent name address and phone across the internet. She also take care of evaluating competitor back links and posting content to client websites. Rheanna was born and lived most of her life in the York County area. She graduated from Susquehannock High School and attended Lock Haven University and York College and graduated from York Technical Institute. She enjoys reading, writing, and travel and has a passion for learning and mastering new things.

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Bobby Deren published two books on the NFL Draft and also embarked on a national book tour. For more than eight years, he has served as a writer as part of the Rivals.com network of Yahoo! Sports. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Delaware Valley College and has written content for hundreds of websites on a vast range of topics.

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We believe we have the most complete package in the area, at a fair price and with a focus on your bottom line.


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