Backing Up Your Website


Don’t forget to backup your website.

If you think your host is responsible, call them and ask.

A common plugin we use to create a backup of your website is called BackUpWordpress.  We have tried a variety of free and paid backup plugins.  And this seems to work well and is free.  But do keep in mind the backup this makes is stored on your website. You should save a copy off site.    The plugin does email you after a backup is made.  But you do need to download the copy.  Yes you can email a copy of the backup.  But it will be to large of a file.  Yes we do offer offsite backup options to Amazon S3.

Also for some of your images we have them in a separate folder. That is not going to be backed up by the plugin.  We included those files to you when handed the website off to you.  The only way to get to those files is via ftp and so it would be rare that as a website owner you will be adding to those files.  So keeping those extra image files will be sufficient.

Step 1 – Login to your website

Step 2 – Hover over tools then backups

It should be setup for you.



Step 3 – Note your options

There is the settings – See #1

You do need both “Database and Files”  See #2

Just click “Download” to manually download.


Additional Details

After we hand your site off we do not make additional backups.  But we can set you up with set it and forget it backups, backed up off site to our Amazon S3 account.  On a daily basis we backup your database.  Weekly we backup the “Database and Files”  and monthly we backup the entire site.  All for only $10 a month.

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