Cannot Reply To Google Reviews From Customers?


 So you “Cannot Reply To Google Review From Your Customer?”

As of 11-26-13 – I found a solution to the problem below and wrote a post at

Steps we took to solve this problems:

One of the clients we work with is Carryout Courier.  In addition to handling their website design, we work with them to get reviews to their Google Places For Business Listing.  They received a few reviews in the last two weeks and as Good Business owners/ Managers of their online profile we attempted to reply to the customers that left a review.  However when we attempted to “reply” to the review we were not able to do so.



Now I thought maybe I am not looking in the right place.  So I checked the Google Places For Business listing for Carryout Courier’s Lancaster location.  And yes you could leave a review.



So I dove in more and discovered the York Location was setup with a Google + Local listing in addition to their Google Places For Business Account.




But the Lancaster location was not setup with a Google+ Local listing.




Google Places for Business vs. Google+ Local

So next I searched for “google places vs google plus” in Google.

I came up with an article from Search Engine Watch which explained the differences very well. The article is pasted below in it entirety.

What intrigued me the most was the section titled “Combining Google Places & Your Local Google+ Page”

Combining Google Places & Your Local Google+ Page

Now rather that risk making any errors when combining the two listings I plan on contacting Google by phone for assistance to and will add more to this article in the next day or so.

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