How Content Marketing Can Help A Local Roofer

local content and video marketing in Harrisburg, Lancaster and York PA

If you were a roofer and you got calls for “Roof Repair” you would write an article called “Roof Repair – Top 5 Most Common Reasons A Leak”.


  • While you are out on the job over the next week or so take some pictures and take some video (like a couple 30 second clips) showing the issues and causes of leaks.   You would write a blog post with pictures attached, make a video and upload to Youtube, Vimeo, etc.  Submit the article to article directories for syndication etc.

What this did?

  • You now offered valuable information to customers searching for your service or product that came to your website and discovered the post.
  • When customers found you they see you as knowledgeable about roof repair.
  • You educated them so if they call someone else they will know what to look for when talking to your competitor.  Maybe your competitor really isn’t that smart and they come back to you anyway.
  • The blog post you created is indexed by the search engines.  It is more likely to come up in the “long tail” keyword searches.
  • You get links back to your website for the article directories.  Having many quality links is important for your website to rank well.
  • Videos posted on YouTube and Vimeo also rank well and are often displayed in the 1st page SERPs.
  • You now have content to post on your Facebook page or Google plus page.

All from this one article.

  • Now this is a great strategy, but it takes time to:
    • Write the article
    • Produce the content for the video
    • Edit the video and brand the video with your name, website, calls to action, additional graphics.
    • Submit your article to 100 article directory sites.

That is where we come in:

  • We can tailor a Content Marketing Strategy to consistently produce content each and every month,
  • That creates a following,
  • Builds customer trust
  • And positions you to be an authority in your industry.

Checkout our Content Marketing Services we offer to convert website visitors into paying customers.

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