How To Edit Text On A Page Of The Website

How To Edit Text On A Page The Website

Ready to make some changes to the text on your website?

Step 1 – Log into the website.

Need help logging into your website? Checkout our post.

Step 2 – The dashboard

After logging in you will be directed to the dashboard for the website.



Step 3 – Navigate to the page you want to edit

To Navigate to the page you want to edit look in the top left corner and select the home icon, next to the name of the website.



Step 4 – Choose Edit Page

Navigate to the page that you want to edit, then select “Edit Page”



Step 5 – Scroll down to find “Content Box” or “Make Changes Here”

On the Left side of where it says “Content Box – This Is Most Common Area To Change Text” there are three lines.  Click on that group of lines and it will open the text box, you can now begin to edit the text.



Step 6 – Scroll A Little

Scroll down a little and find the “Content Box”

If you need to style the text use the “Formats” drop down.  You should only you “Heading 1, 2 or 3”

It is suggested you do not style the font.  The styling is set universally and you page will look out of wack if you try to style.

Select the “Save” button in the left right.


Step 7 – Scroll up and choose “Update”

Then scroll up and look left for the publish icon the look right for “Update” icon.  Choose “Update”

Give it a moment or two or two to update.  Then choose “View Page” and confirm your changes have been made.

changes on your website


Additional Information

“Text Tab” vs “Visual Tab”

There is a “Text Tab” and a “Visual Tab”  Normally you will enter text with visual.  The Text tab is where the html would reside.



Other topics you may want to know about when editing a page include:

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