What To Focus On To Get Your Website To Rank Well in the SERP’s (search engine results page)


The Main Bullet Points To Get Your Website To Rank Well in the SERP’s (search engine results page)

1st step – is to build a quality website with the focus on:You need to focus on building a quality website

  • Providing quality content with the end user in mind.
  • Be visually appealing, professional and attractive.
  • Offer ease of navigation – can the user find what they are looking for?
  • Offer a clear message of the product or service you are offering

2nd You want to fill your site with quality content that is valuable to your target audience –  This is where our “Content Marketing” Service comes into play

  • what would people be searching for that would allow you to be found?  Write a post or page to that specific keyword or phrase.
  • Make a video and post on YouTube.
  • Embed the video on your page.

3rd You want to make sure your site is fully optimized for the search engines – yes we can help you with that.

  • Ensure your title tags, and meta descriptions are there and written properly.
  • H1 Tags, T2 Tags
  • Follow our SEO best practice checklist here.
  • Link your google plus account to your website
    • Set yourself up to be an authority in your industry
    • When you are an authority you stand out from the competition and you can compete on more than just price

4th Submit your site to all of the search engines, create google webmaster tools and analytics accountssubmit your sitemap of your website to search engines - google, bing

  • The Google bots and Bing web crawlers need to find your site.
  • Google webmaster tools give you valuable suggestions about your site.
  • Set up you Google Analytics account to monitor your traffic

5th Obtain quality links to your site from high ranking websites.

  • No this is not just filling out forms on spammy directories
  • Have a consistant Name Address and Phone Number across the web
  • Claim your listings on Google Local/Places, Bing Business, Yahoo, Citysearch, Angie’s List, Facebook….and the list go on and on.
  • No this is not joining a reciprical link farm

6th Continue to make valuable content on a regular basis

  • Pick a subject that you can provide valuable information about
  • Write a post for your blog
  • Make a video
  • Submit the video to YouTube, Vimeo….
  • Convert the post to an article that you submit to article marketing directories
  • Post the article on your google plus account, facebook account
  • Send it out as valuable information on a newsletter

7th Evaluate your progress periodically and tweak your content creation and linking building strategy to your current business goals and needs

  • Evaluate your Google Webmaster Tools account and you Google Analytics account to see:
    • What keywords are most prevalent on your site?
    • What keyword phrases are bringing people to your site?
    • How long are people on your site?
    • What pages are they visiting?

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