Online Marketing Checklist – Get Your Online Marketing Right

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Get Your Online Marketing Right

Online Marketing and Business Marketing Checklist

Like most businesses you are looking for more customers.

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Use this checklist to evaluate your own situation and discover areas you need to improve. It’s time to get focused and get started.

green-check-mark-complete-website-work Put a check mark in the areas completed.

  • First Know Google Philosophy – Step #1 “Create A Great User Experience”

    • Google business is to provide the most relevant search results for their customers.
      • That could be judged as a person doing a search, clicking on a result, spending time on that website then closing the browser.  Success for Google.  They gave the user what they were looking for.
    • If you want to be #1 in the search results, your business’s website needs to be the most relevant result for a specific search term.
    • And your website needs to provide a great user experience.
  • How does Google know your website is the best search result to provide?  There are many factors.  Are few are:

    • Having content/pages/posts containing the terms people are searching for.
    • Having a physical presence close to the searcher if their assumed intent was for a localized search.  Example: searching for a roofer to fix the roof at your home.
    • Your business having a consistent name address and phone number across the internet.
    • Time on site. Google knows how much time people spend on a website.
      • Are people going to your site, spending 10 seconds and clicking off, then to your competitor’s website and spending 2 minutes? Which do you think is judged as the better search result?
    • Obtaining relevant links from relevant and or local websites.
      • You are not supposed to build links, websites are supposed to earn links.
      • You need to give people a reason to link to you.
      • Create great content.
    • Get links from more authoritative sources.
      • A link from CNN is better than a link from 100 spammy websites.
    • For a more in depth analysis check out Moz’s local search ranking factors 2014
      • This is a great example of content they created that earned links naturally.
      • This page has close to 5000 links on the Internet pointing to it.  You can install Moz’s Tool Bar on your browser to check.
        • Again great content, link earned, naturally.
    • Back to link building.
      • Don’t buy links.
      • Only create links on relevant websites.
        • Example are you a plumber in York PA? Is your SEO company creating comments on a French language website that is focused on restaurants, with a bunch of other comment spam.  Does not look relevant to me.
        • Don’t do article marketing – creating the same content and spinning it out in various forms to other websites.
      • Give up trying to trick the search engines, okay maybe the trick still works today, but it will get shut down and when it does so will your rankings.
  • Next, are you able update the content on the website regularly?

    • Going back to Google’s philosophy #1 Focus on the user “Create A Great User Experience”
      • You do this by offering the information that visitors are looking for.
      • Have pages focused around each of the key terms/services/cities you want to be found for.
      • Create more drilled down content addressing terms people would be searching for.  Then link those pages back to your main service pages.  Creating solid linking throughout your website.
    • You want to keep people on your website.  Google knows how long people spend on your website.
  • Evaluate how people are using your website?

    • Are you providing the information they are looking for?
    • What problem is your target customer trying to solve? A roof repair, a new roof, an addition to their home?
    • Are offering a solution to their problem in a clear manner?
  • Is your website properly optimized for the search engines?

    • Do you have unique title tags (SEO title) on each page?
    • Do you have compelling meta descriptions for each page?
    • Do you have a page for each product or service you offer?
    • Does each page have unique content?
    • Does each page have your name, address and phone number listed?
    • Is your website linked to your Google Business Listing?
    • Do you have a map to your business location on your contact page?
  • Is your website registered with Google & Bing?

    • Is your site submitted to Google Webmaster Tools?
    • Is your website submitted to Bing Webmaster Tools?
    • Is Google Analytics installed on your website?
  • Is your website focused on converting visitors to sales?

    • Is your phone number at the top of each page?
    • Are the images yours? Of your products or services? Or just stock photos?
    • Do you have photos of the owner, staff, vehicles, recent work, before and after pictures, actual product in use, customers?
    • Do you have a call to action on each page?
    • Do you have a great about page? Is it your company history, your connections to the community?
    • Do you display real customer testimonials on your website?
  • Do you have a mobile website?

    • Having a responsive design website solves this problem economically.
    • Do you have a one click to call button on your mobile version?
  • Are you regularly working on your website?

    • Creating new content for your website?
    • Creating new inbound links to your website?
    • Checking your Google Webmaster Tools account for page errors?
    • Evaluating your Search Queries in Google Webmaster Tools?
      • Webmaster Tools tells you the search terms your website is showing for, the number of searches and the average position.
        • Use this to create more content.
    • Analyzing your Google Analytics reports? Looking at page views, time on site, referral traffic, etc?
      • Use Analytic to create more content, and where your website needs improvement.
  • Is your Google My Business Page Optimized?

    • Is it claimed?
    • Do you know what the log in name and password is?
    • Is it linked to your website?
    • Do you have a custom image? Or the generic image?
    • Is your website verified?
    • Is all of the information filled out? It is correct?
    • Have you added photos?
    • Is it linked to your YouTube channel?
    • How many reviews do you have?
  • Do you have a review strategy in place?

    • Are you regularly asking for reviews?
    • Are you replying to reviews that you receive, Good & Bad?
    • Do you have a link on your website to your Google Business Page to leave a review?
    • Do you have a review cheat sheet handout for customers?
    • Do you have a custom url to redirect customers to leave a review (
    • Are there other review channels you should be sending customers to – like Yelp?
  • Are you regularly working on having a consistent name address and phone number across the internet?

    • Are you on all the major online directories?
    • Are you using the same business name. address and phone number on each? (consistent NAP)
    • There are 100’s to 1000’s of places to list your website.
    • Why is this important?
      • If there are 50 roofer in a local area how does Google know who is the best result to show? One way is the more references to a business online the more legitimate that business could be assumed to be.
  • Are you active on social media?

    • Are you or a staff member interacting with customers on social media?
    • Are you trying to do them all? And stretching yourself too thin?
    • Choose one channel. Make the most of that channel, then a try a new channel after you have success.
    • Are you updating content on your social media account?
    • Is it useful information?
    • Use Google Analytics to track how many leads are coming to your website.
  • Are you using email marketing?

    • Do you have an email strategy in place?
    • Are you collecting email addresses? Do you have a database of email addresses?
    • Are you offering something of value to customers to provide their email address?
    • Do your emails contain valuable information?
  • Are you pursuing Paid Advertising?

    • Is your account setup for the correct geographic areas?
    • Are you sending people to the most appropriate page? It is not necessarily your home page?
    • Are your monitoring the account?
  • Do you have a plan to evaluate all of these areas?

    • Are you tweaking the plan and then repeating?

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Download and Print Your Own Checklist

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