Google Authorship Showing Less In Search Results


Images showing less

Okay so I have been noticing this over the last few days, that images normally displayed in  the search results have been displayed less frequently.

Yes this has been happening to me, so it struck home.  I did recall reading an article recently that Google was going to apply a 15% reduction in the amount of rich snippets in the search results.  You can read more on that reporting on Search Engine Round Table.

Matt Cutts Of Google Stated …..

According to an article on Search Engine Land, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s spam department, has confirmed that the 15% reduction that was stated would be applied did go into effect.  “I can confirm that this change has happened” Google’s Matt Cutts stated.




The above image was found on Cyrus Sheppard’s website.

Side By Side Comparison of Authorship Results

A few months ago he took a screenshot of a Google search for “10 SEO Copy Writing Tips“.  The search returned 10 out of 10 authorship photos.  On December 19, 2013 the same search returned 7 out of 10 authorship photos, a 30% reduction.

comparison google authorship


My Takes On This?

Well besides it negatively affecting me an my clients I think it is a good thing.

I was surprised how easy it was to get a clients image to show in the search result and could not believe how few other website owners were not taking advantage of this easy opportunity to stand out in the search results.

Yes it does mean we (me and my clients) will have to work harder to build up how authoritative we are on our subject matter.  But so will everyone else.

But honestly this is really the focus of my website design and local SEO business.  Your businesses website is about you and presenting you as the expert in your industry.  With Google Authorship it allows you to show the world that you are an expert.  And making the authorship status that much harder to achieve means that the victor that claims that status will reap the rewards ever more.

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