Google + Business New Listing For Option For Your Business

Google + Business Listing

Google + Business – A New Option For Getting Your Business Listed On Google For Free

So I noticed yesterday I was on a page called “Google + Business”.  I thought well this looks new.  I was thinking it seems like a great name and maybe they are combining the names of “Google Places For Business” and “Google Plus Local”, after all it is kind of confusing. google+business-home-page

Spoke To Google Places For Business – They Confirmed It Is New

So today I had to call Google Places For Business support (well they call you) to correct a listing for a clients business. I asked her about Google + Business if it was something I just missed before and she had never seen it before.  She put me on hold to check with here supervisor and when she came back to she was not able to discuss the product. It turns out she had to delete the listing for the business I called about so I had to start with a fresh new listing.

So I selected “Get Your Page”

I then selected “Local Business or Place”


I then selected “Local Business or Place”

I was next taken to the map to search for my business.


“Verify By Phone”  or “Verify By Postcard”

A simple search for my business gave me the normal choice of “Verify By Phone”  or “Verify By Postcard” google-+-business-claim

Oops I Was Not Able To Verify By Phone Now What?

claim-google-+-business-lat It turns out the client was not able to answer the phone at the time I was setting up the listing.  So I choice “Continue And Verify Later”.  I was still able to go in and edit the account just like normal.  I assume the edits of course would not go live.  But at least I did not have to wait.

Request New Pin

From the Google + Business dashboard I was able to “Request New PIN”   request-new-PIN

Back To The Map To Verify By Phone

It was nice I was back to map to verify the listing by phone when the client was able. google-+-business-claim

To Edit The Listing

Hover your mouse over the business name and select the name. edit-listing-google+-business

Business Was Merged Into My “Places For Business” Dashboard


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