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Using remote login for support

If you have looked at any of our service pages for getting a website designed or local seo you will see that we offer support and we work together as a team to mean your online goals.Remote Desktop From Google Hangouts

Using Remote Desktop In Google Hangouts we can log into your computer and get answer your website editing, page or post making, etc questions.

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About Remote Desktop Support in Google Hangouts

Remote Desktop is considered an app within Hangouts. What this means is that you will have to add the app before using it. Simply click “View more apps” in the lefthand column of your Hangouts window (red arrow below) and then click “Add apps” (green arrow).

Screenshot of Hangouts app installation

Choose the Remote Desktop option from the following page, and then you’re good to go. Once you’ve invited someone to a Hangout, you can click on Remote Desktop in the lefthand column to initiate that functionality. It will you to control the computer of the other person in the chat—once they’ve given permission, of course—or vice versa. It’s easy for either party to end the remote session and to return control of the computer to its owner.

There are naturally other remote desktop solutions, and I wouldn’t be surprised if many of our readers are at campuses whose IT departments use it for desktop support. But Google Hangouts provides the cheapest (free!) and easiest implementation I’ve seen to date. There is one potential flaw to using it to help all of your friends and relatives fix their computers, however: they will first have to sign up for Google+. Chicken → egg → chicken.

Step By Step Tutorial

Click here for a step by step tutorial to use hangouts remote desktop .

Flowchart For Tech Support

Remember, if all else fails when fixing someone’s computer, you can refer them to this handy flowchart from

tech-support-cheat-sheet from

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