How Google Determines Which Results To Return In The SERPS


With just like our name implies we focus on getting your website found at the top of relevant search queries.

What exactly is SEO you ask?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.”  SEO is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic” or “natural” listings on the search engines.  All major search engines such as GoogleYahoo and Bing have such results, where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users.

Payment is not involved for these free listings.  Paid ads are different for “organic” or “free” traffic.

As of July 2012 the three major search engine have a combined 95.5% market share of the search traffic.  Google has 66.8%, Bing 15.7% and Yahoo 13%.  So our goal is the do well on the top 3 search engines with the main focus on results derived from “Google Searches”.

How Do I Get To Appear At The Top Of Search Results For Relevent Searches?

Let’s start at the source so we can build a strong foundation.

The goal of Google is to “Focus on the user and all else will follow” – they want to provide the best best user experience possible.

  • When a user – you or me at home on our computer or on the road with our mobile device
    • Goes to Google and types in a search and we click on the search result.
    • Finds what we as users are looking for.
    • Closes the browser window.
    • Google knows the webpage that was displayed provided a “positive user experience” and that the page will be rewarded in the future and again be ranked well in the search results.

Right there above is why I think Google has an amazing business model.  They took all of the information on the internet and organized in a way that would people it easier for people to find what they were searching for.  But what is amazing if they get you and me to go the work of improving the internet thus improving their business model and getting millions or billions of people to participate.

  • However if the user clicks on a page, and it is not relevant to what they where searching for and clicks the back button, Google will know this and Google with take this into account the next time a similar search term is entered.  Thus decreasing that pages chances of being displayed higher in the search results.

How much to they really know?  Check out the sample Google Analytics Account Below:

Sample Google Analytics Account - for SEO and Website Design To Get Ranked

The data is more blown up below

Search Terms Evaluation To Be Optimized For Organic Search Terms


As you can see Google knows:

  • What a Search Term A User Typed to get to your page.
  • How engaged they were with your site when they got there.  Meaning – how many other pages did they visit? How long were they on the site?  Did they stay or click the back button right away
  • Googles robots also crawl your site to determine what your pages are about?

1st step is to build a quality website with the focus on:

  • Providing quality content with the end user in mind.
  • Be visually appealing, professional and attractive.
  • Offer ease of navagation – can the user find what they are looking for?

2nd You want to fill your site with quality content that is valuable to your target audience

  • what would people be searching for that would allow you to be found?  Write a post or page to that specific keyword or phrase.
  • Make a video and post on YouTube.
  • Embed the video on your page.

3rd You want to make sure your site is fully optimized for the search engines – yes we can help you with that.

4th Submit your site to all of the search engines, create google webmaster tools and analytics accounts

  • The Google bots and Bing web crawlers need to find your site.
  • Google webmaster tools give you valuable suggestions about your site.

5th Obtain quality links to your site from high ranking websites.

  • No this is not just filling out forms on spammy directories
  • No this is not joining a reciprical link farm

6th Evaluate your progress periodically and tweak your content creation and linking building strategy to your current business goals and needs

  • One on one client customer interaction to both are working toward the same goal

If you have the need to build your 1st website, redesign your current website, or increase your search engine rankings we can help.  Use our contact form or give us a call at 717-814-9579.

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