How To Add A Page To Your Website If Made With Elegant Themes


So you are ready to add new pages to your website, great!

This tutorial is only applicable to site designed with Elegant Themes

Step 1 Log into the website

This is your site plus something on the end.  For example  If we did your site we probably changed it to something other than “wp-admin” since that is the default login.  Need some help logging to your website?

Step 2 Navigate to the home page or any page

Look at the top and select “New” Then “Page”.  See below


Step 3 Fill in the title

Make this what your page is about

Step 4 – Select “Use Page Builder”




Step 5 Select “Load Layout”



Step 6 Select “Choose A Layout”

We already made templates for your general pages.  In this case choose “Inside 25001″ – (inside means it is not the home page and 25001 means we bump to a nigher number with each revision)


Step 7  Where to make the edits

Note we labeled the item you want to edit “Content Box – This is the common place to change on page text”


Step 8 – Choose Publish

Scroll up, look right, choose “Publish”.  After it publishes the 1st time in the future it will be “Save”


Step 9 – SEO Title and Meta Description

Now you need to fill in the SEO Title and Meta Description.

The SEO Title is about 66 characters.  This should be what your page is about.  This will also show in the search results.  Take a look at Moz – SEO Title for a more detailed look.  Another great source on the topic is Yoast – WordPress SEO who created the plugin that creates the SEO Title and Meta Description

The Meta Description is about 155 characters and may show in the search results.  This should be enticing to the searcher.  I was explaining this too a client the other say and he referred to it as “the hook”.  For a detailed look at meta descriptions check out Moz – Meta Descriptions.




Step 10 – Change the author

Scroll to the bottom and change the author to the website owner.  Scroll up and choose “Save”.  This is applicable to websites that have more than the business owner adding content.  When we design your website we make it about the business owner and make them the author of all of the content on the site.  So employees out there editing the site,  make sure you change to author to the business owner.

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