How To Add a Manager To A Google+ Business Page


Log in to Places For Business.

You need to be on the new dashboard for this to work. Not there? Not sure?

Checkout some our other posts for upgrading from the old dashboard to the new dashboard or merging your Google Places page with the new dashboard.

So assuming you are on the Dashboard as displayed below.  Select “Google + Page”


add-manager-to-google-plus-business page

Then select “Profile” and “Dashboard”



 Then Select “Managers”



 Then  “Add Managers”



Now you need to get the manager to accept the invitation.

For the Steps on getting the manager to accept the invitation view my post a How Does A Manager Accept An Invitation To Manage A Google + Business Listing

Success You Set Up A Manager To Take Some Of The Work Off You

Okay, so you set them up as a manager.  Encourage the business owner to participate and answer customer reviews.  Certain parts of online marketing can now be/should not be outsourced.

Check out my next tutorial that will show the business owner how to navigate to the “Reviews” tab to answer customer reviews.

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