How To Add And Edit a Post in WordPress For Max SEO Exposure

how-to-make-and edit a-post-or page in wordpress website

In the following video I go from start to finish on the steps to set up post on your WordPress website.

The steps are exactly or almost exactly the same as setting up a page.


Below is a checklist to follow if you want to skip watching the video

All of which are covered in detail within the video

  • Select New Post
  • Fill in the Title
  • Permalink – write “this-is-my-first-post”
    • Use “-” not “_” between words
    • Lower case letters
    • Write it the way you think people will search for your page
    • This tells the search engines what the page is about
  • Add the textIf relavent link out to someone.Put an internal link
    • Change the 1st line to “Heading 1″
    • The font could be styled here
  • Use a variety of anchor text for your internal link
  • Change picture size to 500 width – shoot for file size in the 70 range, but over 100
  • Add pic
    • Add Media
    • Selcect
    • Find File
    • Paste in the alt text
    • Make sure size set correct
    • No image link
  • Adding the map to the pageSelect Applicable categoryOr add category
    • Go to Google Maps or Bing Maps
    • Type in address
    • Look for the link icon
    • Copy embed code
    • Paste under the “Text” tab on your post
  • Set Featured Set Layout under custom layout.  May have to expand the box.
    • Resize image to 200 pixels by 200 pixels
    • It is displayed in a couple places
  • Set SEO Title
  • Set Meta Description
  • Select the correct Author
  • Add “?rel=0” to stop other videos from playing when yours is done.  <iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

If you need help with your website in York PA  give a us call and we can help.