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nextgen-photo-gallery-how to add and edit images

Adding images to your image gallery

After you have your website created it is important to add content to your website on a regular basis.  One way to do so is to add pictures of your products or services you offer. This tutorial shows you how to upload the images, discusses the size of the image, creating a new gallery, assigning the gallery to a page, moving the order of the pictures, how you should name the images, adding the images to an existing gallery.

**This video was created in June 2013.  Wordpress and the Nextgen Image Gallery have had updates since then, so the general look may be slightly different.***

The following is a quick step by step checklist

This Nextgen Image Gallery Plugin has a pretty extensive help section.  So I will be brief and just list a few basics.

Step 1 Log In To Website

On the left look toward the bottom to “Gallery”

Note there is “Add Gallery/Images”

And there is “Manage Galleries”




Step 2 –  Jumping ahead – To add the gallery to the page

Go Back To Manage Gallery and find ID and note the id – In this case I pointed to 7 or 8 or 9.



Step 3 –  Just add in what is between the brackets

Just the brackets and change out the # for the id you want:


is now going to be:



Step 3 –  A few additional details

You should fill in the “Alt & Title Text / Description” – See #1 and #2

You can also rotate the image – See #3

You can change the order in which the images are displayed – See #4



And more details

  • When you fill in the description it will show under the image in the gallery, when viewed in the slideshow.
  • Filling in the images help the user experience.  It also helps the search engines know what your images are about and they could show in “image search”
  • We set all images to save at 800 px X 600 px and at 72% file size.  So they are large in viewing, but not too large in file size.
  • We have it set to NOT save the original image.
  • You DO NOT have to change the size of the image before uploading it will convert a large image to the correct size. ***Unless it is really large like 4000 pixels wide***

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