How To Delete A Duplicate Google + Business Listing


So you want to have a constant Name Address and Phone Number to help your website rankings.

In doing your research you discover you have a duplicate Google + Business Listing

So how do you delete the duplicate business listing?

Step 1 – Log in to duplicate business listing

Step 2 – Go to Dashboard



Step 3 – Go to settings

Step 4 – Scroll all of the way to the bottom and select “Delete Page”



Possible Problems

However You Can’t Delete This Google + Page because it is linking to a You Tube Channel.




To Disconnect The You Tube Channel Associated with the account see my post titled “You Tube Channel Links To The Wrong Account


Step 5 – Choose “Delete Page”

Step 6 – Then Choose “Delete” again



Make sure you assign the You Tube channel to the correct Google Plus Business Listing.

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