How To Determine If A Website Is WordPress

Is This Website WordPress

Have you seen website you like and wondered if your site could look like that?

Use the following methods to determine if the website was created using WordPress.

1. Use It does detect a WordPress website with almost 100% accuracy.

2. Or my preferred method – Right click on any page in the site and select “View page source.”

To Determine If A Website Is WordPress try View Pages


3.  The page source will look like the following.

I want to know if a website is made with WordPress

4. Then Press CTRL and F and the same time

How Do I Know A Website Is WordPress on Not WordPress

5.  Then in the open input box in the top right type “WP”, if you see if a appear a lot of times like this page is 113 there is a good chance.  Look farther down the page for the “wp-content” in green.  You can see is says “wp-content/themes” that references the theme the website used.  Any site not having these words in the source is not powered by WordPress.  They could have the wp prefix for security reasons, but that is a very rare case.

Checking To See If A Website is WordPress Or Not WordPress

6. You could also check to see if it is powered by WordPress. You can also use this method to see the WordPress version installed.

4. In the websites address bar you could type “/wp-admin”.  The address would read “” .  If it navigates to login page of WP then it is a WP website.  But this may not work, if they have changed the WP installation folder or changed the WP prefix

Ways To Tell If a Website is a WordPress Website

5. Right click on the images in the website and check the location. If it points to folders like wp-content/uploads, then its a WP site. Please be aware people may also source images from other websites and they may have their upload folders else where.

6. Look in the footer for the words “Powered by WordPress“. But many webmasters tend to remove these credentials.

7. And here is the last resort. Just ask the website owner

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