How To Install Favorite Plugins From the Your WordPress Admin Panel For Your Website

favorite-plugins-plugin for wordpress - No Need To Search

Do You Have Plugins You Use On Each Website of Your Own or a Clients – Stream Line Your Work With Favorite Plugin

Located on the  You can access the plug in list right from you dashboard of your WordPress admin panel.

1 – You need to have the plugin “Favorite Plugins” installed as a plugin on your website.


my-favorite-plugins-wordpress plugin to make installing plugins quick and easy


2 – Then to “Plugins” then “Add New” then select “Favorites”


my favorite plugins word installed from the admin panel in wordpress

3 – You need to make sure the user name is filled in and that you clicked “Get Favorites”


my favorite plugins favorite plugin widget

4 – I thought you could see the favorite plugins of others but I have not found any yet, most likely I was not looking at anyone’s account that has favorites setup.  Shoot me a email you this function works. Thanks Chad

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