How To Link Your Google Plus Business Page To Your You Tube Channel

connect-with-google-+local business listing

So you want to link your Google + Business Listing to your YouTube Channel?

Think it is already?  Go to your Google + Local Business Listing and it should say “YouTube” as noted below.  If it says “Video” it is not linked.

link-youtube-to-google+ business listing

 Just Follow the Steps Below

1 – Log in to your YouTube Account.  In top right corner where your name is, hover your mouse over top your name and click.  Yes is does not appear clickable but it is.

2 – Then select “Settings”

link-youtube-to-google+ local business listing

3 – If your YouTube Account is already associated with a Google + Account  but it is not your Google + Business Account see our post Does Your YouTube Channel Link To The Wrong Google + Business Listing.


How can  you tell if your YouTube account is already associated with a Google Plus Account? There is more than one column.  Note the 2nd screen shot above only had one column.  This show 2 or 3 depending on how you look at it.

Linking My YouTube Account And Google Plus + Local Business Account


Okay, so continuing on…

4 -Then select “Advanced”

link your youtube channel to your google + business lisiting

5 – Next Choose “Connect With Google + Page”

connect-with-google-+local business page

6 -You will be prompted with a choice of Google Plus


connecting your google + business listing to YouTube

As you can see above, it is connected to your Google + Local Business Listing.

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