How To Reply To Reviews Using Google +


Replying to review is just good business

Looking for instructions on how to reply to reviews with the new Google + Dashboard?

It is easy if you have upgraded to the new dashboard. Assuming you are on the new dashboard here you go, if you are not and have any problems please keep reading I give you some tips below.

1 – Log in to your Google Account that you have used to claim the business.

2 – Start by going to Google and search for “Google My Business



3 – Sign in – in the top right corner



4 – Select “Manage Reviews”


5 – Select “View and Reply”



6 – Fill in your review and choose submit.  As a responsible business owner you should reply to all reviews, Good or Bad.



Notice How The Review Is Displayed – However I Did Notice Missing Replies


I did notice there were replies that were missing that were left for these customers in the past but they were not displayed.  The only change I made with this account is I upgraded it to the new dashboard and verified the listing.  But as far as I can tell that is the worst that happened with  the change.

Problems Getting To The Reviews?

Your Account Is Not Verified – How To Tell?

You need to have the check mark at the top.

verified business listing


Don’t Have The Check Mark At The Top?


If you are on the old dashboard I made a tutorial here.


If you are on the new dashboard I made a tutorial here.

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