Linking Your Website To Your Google Plus Page


How To Link Your WordPress Website To Your Google Plus Page

Linking your Google+ page and your WordPress website is useful because:

  • It helps you connect with your friends, fans, and customers.
  • It provides Google with information that we can use to help determine the relevancy of your site to a user query on Google Search.
  • Your site will become eligible for Google+ Direct Connect.
  • Search will display your image next to the search result.  Helping you stand out as an author in your industry.

better seo results for when people search your website appears

Step 1 – Link your Website to Your Google Plus Profile

1 – Create your Google+ or Google Plus Profile at (

2 – Use this link to get the exact address of your Google+ profile:

3 – Copy your Google Plus Profile-URL from the address bar

4 – Be logged into your Website Dashboard

5 – From the Admin Dashboard Go – Users – Your Profile.  Paste the above url into the field “Google +”

6 – Click Update Profile

7 – Repeat for any other Authors on your WordPress Blog

Step 2 – Link your Google Plus Profile To Your Website

1 – Edit the Contributor To section:

2 – Under “Contributor To” click “Add Custom Link”  enter your websites URL

3 – Click Save

Step 3 – Test using the Rich Snippet Testing Tool

1 -Using Google Rich Snippet Testing Tool at


2 – Enter the url you want to test.

3 – Click Preview and look for “Authorship Is Working For This Webpage”

Page does not contain authorship markup – Problem

If the problem occurs such as “Page does not contain authorship markup.”  you could try adding a “Google Badge” to your website.  You can get the code here .  If you have a WordPress website you could add the plugin “New Google Plus Badge Widget

To set up the “New Google Plus Badge Widget – of course install the plugin.  But then add the badge within the widget settings to the page or post.

I did have the problem where it would not work on the home page but would work on the other pages of the website.

Plugin Just Not Working? Add Code To Header.php File

I have used the above steps at least 20 times.  And have not have any problems.  But there was a site it just would not work on.  I found this site and it offered some great step by steps on how to add to your header.php file.

Rel Authorship Working On All But The Home Page – Problem

I also had the problem where authorship was working on all but the homepage, which really drove me crazy.  You can check on how I solved rel author not working on the homepage here

Extra Notes or Thoughts – If someone else set up your Website.

Make sure you are set at the author for each page or post of your website.  You can change the author on each page as demonstrated below.



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