Local Search Engine Marketing

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Local Search Engine Marketing

For Businesses Serving York PA, Lancaster PA and Harrisburg PA

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We know having a nice looking website is great, but what matters is adding adding profit to your bottom line.

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What We Do For You!

  • We get you in the tops spots on the 1st page On Google, Bing and Yahoo when people search for “Your Product or Service
    + City and State”
  • We move you up in the ranking and search results – see “A Sample Of Results”
  • Convert your website visitors to customers.
  • Analyze and maintain your Google Webmaster Tools Account and Google Analytics Account and Bing Webmaster Tools account.
  • We produce quality content to broaden your reach – “What Is Content Marketing?”

Is Being Found In Local Search That Important?

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What Would The Plan Look Like For You? – In 7 Simple Steps

  • First if you do not have a website we will build you a website that is SEO Friendly and fully optimized for your keywords
  • We will start with gathering information about your business, what the keywords are, what functionality you are going for, the look you want.
  • We will build the website based focusing on those keywords and who your target customer is.
  • We will set you up as the author of all of the content on your website. “Why Is This Important For SEO?”
  • We will design a SEO Plan that is custom for your business – Click Here For Full Details
  • Some of areas we would address include: submitting your sitemap to Google and Bing Webmaster Tools, Claiming local citations and listings for your business, creating great content to turn visitors to sales.
  • Provide monthly reports and your rankings for your keywords.

What if I do not want a new website

  • You do not need to to get a new website, but much of the work we do is optimizing your SEO on site and creating new content for your website.  In almost all cases we will need access to your website.

Is That All We Do For You And Your Website?

Is There Anything Else That Can Be Done To Increase My Rank?

  • Yes there is.  We can’t do it all, well we could but it will cost you.  And really you know you business best.  Pick something you like to do and do it.  When you have that mastered move on to the next project.
  • We have two posts “5 Tips Ideas For Content Marketing” and “27 Marketing Strategies You Can Implement Yourself” additional ideas that you could pursue.
  • Together we will work as a team.
  • We will focus your website design and SEO and crush it!

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Sorry There Are No Shortcuts

  • If you search online and read more about increasing your ranking in the search results you will find many options for getting links.  Some of which are buying links, link farms, recipricol links, blog commenting, spinning content (submitting a variation of the same article to multiple directories) and bulk social bookmarking submissions.   Some of these do still work, but they are not recommended and there will most likely come a day that not only will they not work, but sites will be penalized and drastically fall in the rankings.
  • In October 2012 I had my own site go from ranking in the top spot one day to not even on page 5 the next.  It came back but it took time.
  • We believe our strategy has a more long term benefit for you, the internet and your potential customers.

Google #1 Philosophy is

“Focus On The User And All Else Will Follow”

Why We Think We Are Best For You

We are following Google’s Guidelines

  • Google is constantly updating their algorithum for search http://moz.com/google-algorithm-change.
  • To increase your rankings you/we need to provide good, NO GREAT, valuable content and then get links to your site.
  • A link is like a vote for your website.
  • You want those links to come naturally.  Like when you are browsing the internet and share something with someone.
  • Social also influences search results.
  • Word of mouth drives customers to your product or service.  We encourage you to interact with your customers via social channels.

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” I contacted SEO-911 to help me complete a few things on my website. Chad was awesome in regards to not only finding a solution to the issue and setting it up – but went the extra mile to show me how it works and make sure I could use it correctly!.”

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“I love the colors. This is fantastic, more than I had hoped for, I am so glad we connected.”

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” One example of how well my website is working out is a post Chad and I worked together to create is “What is the cost of Sealcoating My Driveway”. It has only been 4 weeks and I have received a ton of calls just from that blog post. I can tell they are on my website and that page just from the questions they are asking me. Plus when they call I pretty much got the sale. I list my price, they can see my work, they know the size of their driveway. There is not much to negotiate.”

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“I would highly recommend SEO-911 “Chad Eisenhart”! He listened to every detail and followed through with everything that I asked for. I am happy with the end product. In my past experience I had overpaid someone to do a website that looked horrible and was unfinished. With Chad I got more then what I expected. He offered training and taught me what I needed to know to able to make changes on my own.”

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Let’s talk to see if you think we are the right fit for online marketing for your local business.