Merging Google Place For Business and Google Plus – Old Dashboard


First how can you tell if you Google + Business Listing has Been Verified?

I found this helpful graph at


The Above Specifically States:

Local listings

Local listings have scores, reviews, and tabs for About and Photos beneath the cover photo. Business owners can verify and manage these listings by clicking the Manage this page button on the listing.

Google+ Pages

Some businesses may have instead created local Google+ Pages. You can identify these pages if there are tabs for Posts, About, Photos, and Videos. If there isn’t the option to leave a review, the business owner hasn’t verified this local Google+ Page.

When a business owner verifies a local Google+ Page, any existing listing for the business is merged with the local Google+ Page to create a single page with a verified checkmark. Some business owners who use the Places for Business dashboard may also be auto-upgraded to a verified local Google+ Page. Verified local Google+ Pages have features of both pages described above–scores and reviews as well as posts from the business owner.

Example Of Verified Google + Page

I wanted to see what they where talking about so I searched for one of my clients sites



And sure enough the check mark was next to the clients listing.


Example Of Unverified Google + Page

So I went to Google Places For Business To Edit The 2nd Location For this Business

But this one did not have the check marks attached



The old dashboard looks like this:


The New dashboard looks like this:



Fine, Lets Get That Verified and Merge The Google Places and Google Plus

Log into Google as a different user than the Business is Verified under.

Then to to Maps On Google  – Then search for your business.

Next click on the Blue “Reviews”

Updating your google business listing


If you have no (0) (zero) reviews, you need to select “Be The First To Review”


After selecting “Reviews” or “Be the first to review” you will be taken to your Business Page.  Select “Manage This Page”



Either of the following will appear depending on the page above

Select “Add a listing”


Then another map opens up for you to search for your listing again.  Again search for your business.



And now you are just about there.  Finally it says “Is this your business?”



This Is a Crazy Way To Confirm The Listing

My searching early today lead me to believe the above was not possible according to this link!topic/business/K_nw9DEZ-Gw



All You Can Do Is Wait

The above from a “Top Google Contributor” states

“I suggest that you wait for the new Places Dashboard in this case. The new Places Dashboard is already available in Spain, and most of the world for new Google accounts but I have no idea when it is going to roll out to existing Google accounts.  The pace of migration picked up recently in the USA so hopefully we will see a few waves of migration for countries around the world soon enough.”

However if you are able to upgrade and take advantage of the new google plus business page.  I suggest you make full use of the page.

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