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my favorite wordpress plugins

If you are installing plugins on multiple websites you can use Plugin Favorites to find all of your Favorite WordPress Plugins quickly.  Rather than searching for each one individually.

This option to favorite a plugin was added to the plugin repository in 2012. Version 3.5 introduced the ability to display and easily install a user’s favorite plugins from the Add New plugins page of the dashboard.

You are also able to find, download and install favorite plugins of other users of WordPress.

You need to have an account on

register an account on wordpress

To set up your own favorite plugin:

You can search find the plugin on the official WordPress Plugins Repository.

While you are viewing a plugin’s page on WordPress, click the Favorite link below the plugin’s download button.

favorite wordpress plugins - how to set your favorite wordpress plugin
Once you have favorited a plugin, it will show up in your public profile under the tab “My Favorites”, as well as your rating of the plugin, if applicable.

my favorite wordpress plugins are under my favorites


The My Favorites screen will look like:

my favorite plugins wordpress website design york pa and lancaster pa

As you can see your favorite plugin are listed in the bottom center to right portion of the screen.

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