New Google Places Dashboard – Merging With Places For Business

places for business updated listing

Merging With Places For Business – Old vs New

So you want to maximize your local online presence.  Of course most businesses do.

If your business is set up with the new dashboard  for “Places For Business” on Google you will want to set up your businesses Google + Page.

For starters what is the difference between the “old dashboard” and the “new dashboard”

This is the old dashboard:


This is the new dashboard



But I am Still On The Old Dashboard

If you are on the old dashboard read this post .

If you are on the new dashboard great, lets get started.

Start by selecting “Places For Business” tab in the top left corner.

The choose “Start Now”



The following will appear and choose “Get Started”



Make Sure Your Set Up Your Communication Settings.



Make sure you up date your cover photo.


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