rel Author Working On All But Home Page


I think setting up rel author for your website is super important.

You want to take advantage of every opportunity to bring people to your website.  Rel Author if you did not know allows your image to be displayed in the search results.  Some of the benefits include:

  • Helping your click through rate.  When there are 10 search results on a page and 1 of them has an image associated with it what do you think is doing to stand out more.
  • It helps you stand out as an expert in your industry.  Most of clients are small businesses.  And they are experts in their industries.  Their image helps potential customers to begin to associate that business owner with the business.
  • You also become the owner of the content associated with that profile.

The Problem – Rel Author Was Working on All Pages But The Home Page

So I set up rel author for a client and it was working on all of the pages expect the home page.


The Fix Was In The Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

Now this is not the 1st time I have set up Rel Author for a client.  It is normally smooth sailing.  After much searching I discovered there is a setting in the Yoast WordPress plugin.

rel-auth-not-working-on-home-page-setting in yoast wordpress-plugin

Select An Author For The Homepage

My setting was set to “Don’t Show Author for Homepage”

  • To get to this setting:
  • Go to your admin Dashboard
  • Then SEO
  • Then Social
  • Then the Google + Tab

Assign Rel Author For Home Page

Change, Save, Test

Change to the author or your choice and save.  Go back to the Google Data Testing Tool


Authorship Is Working For The Homepage

And now Authorship is working for the homepage just like it does for all of the other pages on the clients website.

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