Remember To Add A Title To Your Image and Alt Text


When you add images and pictures to your website you should give the image a title.  But why take the extra time?

For starters you are helping out the the search engines to know what the image is about.  Google and Bing can read the text but they can not determine what is on the image.  So they rely on the title to determine what an image is about?

I like to use this opportunity to include some extra references to the keywords I want a clients website to rank for.

The title is also displayed when a website visitor holds their mouse over the image and the words displayed.

Have you ever held you mouse over an image and it says “image1″  well how descriptive is that?

The alt text displays when the images is not rendered in the web browser.

Although it may not occur as often but when visitors have slower internet connections that may opt to download the images from a website.  Thus the “Alt Text” or alternate text will display.  Here you are building your website for the user.  Just as Google wants.

Where do you insert the Title and the Alt Text?

website design alt text and titles for your website

When you select “Add Media” to your post or page. Before selecting “Insert into post”

Another reason is the image may be included in Google Image searches.  If another website uses your image on their website.  Get them to give you a link in exchange.


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