Remove Google Authorship From Homepage


The rules say remove authorship from home

This post comes from a mores extensive post on removing Google Authorship from your pages but keeping Google Authorship assigned to your posts. It was written by MaAnna

What is the difference between a Page or a Post?

I like MaAnna’s definition of “Google makes a distinction between the pages and posts on your site. It considers pages as commercial content and posts as the content you author wrote.”

The reason for this change is too many people have been abusing this practice.  I have to admit I used this myself. I do not see it as abuse, just doing what you are allowed to do.  But now that Authorship began to catch on, in mid December Google started trimming back the amount of Authorship rich snippets that would be displayed in the search results, see my post here.

Remove From All Pages or just Homepage?

In MaAnna’s post she say to remove authorship from all pages.  I did some searching and could not find another reference to back that up.  I also posted to the question to her.

She also references a fix using the SEO Plugin By Yoast, which is a standard add on with all client websites.

I went to Yoast’s site and checked his home page and he himself removed authorship from his home page.  I also checked his contact page he still had authorship installed.  So I am in wait and see mode for any page other than the home page.

What To Do In A Nut Shell

Her video is full of great information.  But if you want the main point…Remove Authorship from your home page… here is how.

Step 1

Have Yoast SEO Plugin installed your website.

Step 2

From within your Dashboard go to SEO – Social

Remove Google Authorship From Home Page


Step 3

Make sure you are on your Google+ Tab – then choose “Don’t Show” as author for your home page

Remove Google Authorship From Home Page


Step 4

Set up your Google Publisher Page and set to your about page.

Remove Google Authorship From Home Page


Step 5 (optional)

If you want to remove authorship from all of your pages I found this plugin but I personally am not ready to do this.

 Check out video called “Google Authorship Penalty”

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