Responsive and Mobile Website Design


Traditional desktops and laptops are no longer the only means of browsing websites.

The increasing popularity of access to the internet and websites via mobile devices such as phones and tablets is a strong indication for websites to be designed with equal considerations between desktops, tablets and phones. Website design has traditionally been designed for viewing on desktop and laptop computers. When viewed on small screens of mobile phones, Smartphone and tablets, the display of websites is just going to be messy with viewing difficulties.

repsonsize-website-design-york-paSuch imposing difficulties are zooming in and out, mismatched pixels on small screens, excessive scrolling, space problems for drop down menus and flawed navigation due to crammed up page links. Above all, users are bound to face serious problems in touching the right point to activate right buttons and links on web pages.

A solution to the problem remains categorically in the design approach for websites. Websites will need to be either created in multiple versions to account for each possible browsing application such as large screens and small screens or respond to the viewing devise and adjust the display.  Can you imagine how much of a mammoth involvement it is going to be for creating a totally different set of websites for viewing on mobile devises? This will require compatibility issues with small screen devises, stripping down web page contents, adjusting image and graphics pixel issues, text size, font, scrolling and more.

Responsive Website Design

The advancement of technology for websites adapting to responsive design has solved these problems in one stroke. Responsive design enables the websites to instantly adjust to different viewing or access devices.  The use of CS 3 Media Queries has the capability of serving the same pages with changed designs adapted for large and small screens.

The Trend of Responsive Websites – Many large and small companies have already taken the initiative to shift to responsive websites and others are beginning to take the issue seriously. The trying situation faced by owners and designers both is deciding what looks attractive on small screen of mobile devices after scaling down and adjusting to responsive attribute of websites. Customization of websites is easy using CSS 3 Media Queries to fit to the display platform, which has been endorsed by the most popular search engine, Google for working compatibility.

Another major advantages of responsive websites is the convenience of managing a single website and SEO conveniences of the same attributes for web pages.

wordpress is best for website design Harrisburg PAWebsites designed with WordPress have an easy solution with many theme developers now offering their themes designed automatically offering responsive design.  With this responsive website design solution the designer or website owner only needs to make one web site and the responsive design will automatically reformat the content.  Saving the website owner time, frustrations and costs.

Additional Points of Concern

Working of responsive websites is designed with capabilities of bouncing in shape and size to get adjusted to the available screen space. Some website owners have cleared off extra content and funcionality that can be sacrificed to accommodate responsiveness attributes more effectively.

SEO ranking attributes of the websites is not affected in any way whether browsed on computers or mobile devices. In fact, Google recommends responsive designing.

Usability of websites is not sacrificed on the mobile devices from the viewpoints of navigation and link building.

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