Encourage Your Images To Be Shared And Make It Easy To Get A Link


Encourage People To Share or Borrow Your Images

When you put images and graphics on your website – people are going to take, borrow and use those images whether you want them to or not.

By providing an embed code, you will have more control over where inbound links point back to as well as what anchor text is used in the alt and title attributes of the graphic itself.

I found a plugin for WordPress that makes the process easy. It is called Embed Code Generator.

With the Embed Code Generator you are also able to add “Courtesy of” link back to the site of your choosing.

If you want to get more traffic to your website, encourage people to borrow, use or take your images.  But ask for a link in exchange.  This puts the process on auto pilot

The plugin was created by David Wallace .

To use the plugin is pretty straight forward but here are step by step instructions.

Within the “Add/Edit Post” section, simply fill-in the appropriate fields to generate an embed code at the bottom of your post or leave blank to exclude an embed code.


Embed Code Generator Fields

  • Source (URL) – The full URL to the image. (see below for how to get this)
  • Link Image To – This is where the image will link to when placed on another site.
  • Title (optional) – When populated, adds in the “title” attribute of the img tag.
  • Alt Attribute (optional) – When populated, adds in the “alt” attribute of the img tag.
  • Width (optional) – Designate the width of the image.
  • Height (optional) – Designate the height of the image.
  • Courtesy of [Your Site Name] (optional) – When populated, will display a courtesy link after the image crediting the source of the image.
  • Courtesy of [Your Site URL] (optional) – If this and the “Courtesy of [Your Site Name]” are populated, a link will be provided to the source of the image.

To get the full URL to the image – AKA “Source (URL)

Within the “Edit Post” click on the image then in the top left corner select the edit post icon.



Click the “Link To Image” so the path to the images is displayed. Copy the path.  Make sure you choose cancel.  Assuming you do not want image on your website to link to the image.


The embed code displays at the bottom of the page.

  • This lets people know you are okay with them taking your images.
  • It makes it easy to embed your images on their website.


So don’t balk at people taking your content encourage it.  But try to get something value in exchange by getting a link.

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