Where To Start to Get Your Business Online – Google Webmasters Video Series


Google Webmaster Tools videos offer a great place to find factual impartial advice for website owners and business.

They are releasing a series of six videos for businesses to get more exposure online.

The video starts with Maile Ohye who is a Google employee, her advice is focused on local based business getting more exposure for their business online and building a presence on the web. Local businesses that meet with customers locally and conduct business in person or in a storefront but want to reach their customers online.

Focusing on more customers and a profitable business

The goal for all small businesses is to get more customers and build a profitable sustainable business. You need to focus not just on customers sitting at home on their desktop but also customers on the go using their tablet or smart phone and searching for your business.

Historically, in the past decade customers would use their desktop computer to search for businesses online and to find the businesses website. Now there are many more channels that businesses can use to get their business exposure online.

Places To Get Exposure:

Remember though you are a little restricted on what content you can add to these channels.  Having a website for your business is how you tie it all together.  It is the one central location you can channel your customers to for the best customer experience possible and to have that uniform message.

Another big change for the online world is the explosive use of smart phone. Fact is 85% of smart phone users have searched for for local information. And 81% have taken a call to action based on those searches including an in store visit or a call to the business.

In the future videos they are going to:

Depending on your time, the size of your company and you or your employees technical expertise this is something you may want to tackle on your own or you may want help.  Remember it does take continued work.  You should not just set it and forget it.

Take a look at our online marketing checklist that you can print and use to get more exposure online for your local based business.