Steps To Follow If: 500 Internal Error In WordPress – Now What

500-internal-error-wordpres - What To Do by SEO-911.

Did you get a 500 Internal Error In Your WordPress Website?

Do not panic, Don’t freak out, Don’t think you need to re-install WordPress.  It is basically not getting a connection, something on the back end is getting done improperly.  A couple quick fixes to get you through are

500 internal error in WordPress website

Kill All Plugins

Log in from Cpanel or with FTP and kill all of the plugins. Do this by renaming the Plugins Folder to something like Plugins-Temp.  If the website loads then begin re-activating the plugin ins one by one

Rename HTACESS File

If the problem persists if is most likely the HTACCESS File.  First make a backup of your HTACCESS file.  Just rename the file to something else like HTACCESS file.  9 times out of 10 this will solve the problem

Try A New HTACCESS file

If this solves the problem then start with a raw, just a bare bones access file.

Credit To:

I want to credit the podcast WordPress Plugins AtoZ for the idea for this post.



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