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Thanksgiving: A Time For Gratitude

I would like to showcase Edgar Rodriguez of Wholy Chicken in York PA and let you know of the charitable work Edgar and his wife do for the community everyday and especially at Thanksgiving. 20100617__web_061710-kp-wholy-3_300

Many Give Thanks And The Best Just Give

The holiday season is a time where loved ones come together and celebrate. It’s a time to give thanks and for appreciation for the things in life that throughout the whole year we are grateful for. Many businesses donate their time to serve their local communities. Wholy Chicken, in York, PA, is one of these said businesses.  Wholy Chicken is located at 320 E Philadelphia St York PA 17403.

Owner and operator, Edgar and his family have over 45 years experience with different styles of food and opened their restaurant in support of the area children, as well as the local community. Not only is Edgar involved in the restaurant business but he also runs Outreach Ministries.

Through Outreach Ministries Edgar is able to mentor and guide the children of the community to do what’s right and to be role models to children in the years to come.

5th Year In A Row

Throughout the year many different events are hosted by Edgar and his staff, but the holiday season is a time where the whole community is brought together as a family. On Wednesday November 27, 2013, the day before Thanksgiving over 2500 free meals will be given out. This is the fifth year in a row this event has taken place. Last year an outstanding 3300 meals were handed out to families of the local community.

This year the event has had more volunteers than ever before, and over 500 meals will be given to a partnering business on the West End of York for community families. All are encouraged to come out and join the festivities.

The weekend following the Thanksgiving holiday there will be a bike giveaway. This is the fourth year Edgar and his family will be blessing the children of the community with a truck load of bikes. All children alike are welcome to EdgarPatty-of Wholy Chicken York PAcome by the event for a free bicycle and fun and festivities.

In addition to the Thanksgiving events a couple weeks before Christmas there will be a toy giveaway. In previous years a truckload of toys is brought to the parking lot of Wholy Chicken and handed out to all the children who come and participate. This year will be like the rest; toys, food, fellowship and family.

How You Can Help

It’s difficult not to appreciate the work Edgar and his family have done for the community.  Edgar stated the need for donations of white clam shell flip top containers for the Thanksgiving meals to be packaged in. Monetary donations are also being accepted and are going to be used to purchase the containers at a local store.

If interested in making a donation you can call or text Chad Eisenhart at 717-814-9289, or stop our office at office at 1301 N George St, York (at the corner of 10th Ave and N George St).
Information regarding the event and the others that will be held can be found at

You of course can contact Edgar at the restaurant directly at 717-854-5424 or drop any donations to Edgar yourself.

Lets make this a Thanksgiving and holiday season the local community members will never forget.



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