Title Tags and Meta Description

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Writing Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

website-title-tags-are good for seo and websitesThe page title of a website is the most important factor primarily for recognition of the content that is on that page. It serves somewhat like name of pages as a significant support for search engine function. Page titles should be chosen by picking out words or phrases that best describe the content of the page but are also written in way that will align with the way a user would be searching for the subject matter. Title pages are extremely important from an SEO viewpoint for ranking of websites.

Page titles should not merely be the company’s name.

Page titles should not merely be the company’s name. You may if you choose incorporate the company name after you have have used the keyword. ¬†Using the company name does build a stronger connection with related product or service. However, the page title cannot only be the company name; it has to incorporate the subject content of specific pages. The title tag must also contain the main points that you see in the text that is listed in the links on SERP (search result pages) for users to know if the website contains the right information they are searching for.

Think About The Keywords

Keywords are word(s) or phrase(s) a searcher is likely to use to describe the subject he or she wants to explore. These are most likely words or phrases that make a relevant association with subject in quest. Search engine algorithms work in tandem to relate the search words and phrases with contents of websites that satisfy a most close matching.

Deciding which keywords and key phrases should follow a logical process. It begins with discovering keywords focusing on the most possible words that searchers may find easy to relate with the topic or subject. Analyzing keywords is the next step. This considers the factor of competing websites that are likely to interfere with ranking of your website. Successive steps are selecting and developing the keywords and phrases in the most advantageous structure and sequence.

Title tags appear in the header area of web pages, coded as HTML, and written inside opening and closing symbols < … >. These are just like chapter heading you see in printed books. They assist the search engine in identifying the contents and also let the searchers know whether to click on SERP link. An Important component of writing title tags is knowing what keywords the page is attempting to target.

Title tags should have a maximum of 70 characters including spaces with the significant keyword as the first word. While using keywords one after the other, they should be separated with the symbol | (pipe symbol) for distinctness. Tag phrases should be relevant, simple and short, preferably with company name in it. Every page should have unique title tag.

While title tags must be straightforward and short, it must not contain words like if, but, and then; and short abbreviated forms like etc. and e.g. Meta description can be said as a summarized account of information contained in websites and written within 156 characters. Meta description has important effect on search function of engine that is based on the essence derived from the statement.

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