How To Upload Videos To YouTube As A Manager


So you are the manager of a Google My Business Account. How to get videos uploaded as the owner.

So you are a manager of a YouTube account and you are ready to upload a video, but you are not quite sure how to upload the video as the manager? Keep reading we will get you squared away.

The first step is you need to be a manager of the account.

If the YouTube channel is linked to your “Google My Business” account you can assign manager by following steps outlined here.

To upload videos as a manager log in to your Google Account



Go to YouTube

Here is the link if you need it

How to add videos as a manager on YouTube

Switch Accounts

In the top right corner, click on your “Image” or “Your Name” ┬áthen “Switch Account”


Choose Your Channel

You are provided with a list of channels to switch to

List of YouTube Channels You Manage

Image Will Change

The image in the top right will change to the image of the owner of the YouTube Channel you switched to.

Image Change to owner of the YouTube Channel


To Upload

Just select “Upload” then “Select files to upload”

To upload Video as a manager


Check out this YouTube help section for a broader discussion on the topic.

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