Web-Screenshots WordPress Plugin How To Use

Web-Screenshots WordPress Plugin How To Use

Check out this cool handy plugin for generating a Screenshot of a Website to embed in a webpage


It generates a real live up to the minute image of the website.

You do not have to worry about out of date images of websites that you made in photoshop.  When you webpages loads the current webpage load.

I did have a little trouble getting it set up.  So I thought I would offer some guidance here.

1 – Of course install the plug in by searching the WordPress repository for “web-screenshots”

2 – Activate the plugin.

3 – In the html tab of the content box page the shortcut code [[webscreenshot url=”http://www.wordpress.org”]]  You only want one set of [ ] not the [[ ]]


web-screenshots-how to with the shortcode

4 – The page will display with each side by side as below:

wordpress plugin web screenshots for capturing website images








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