Press Release – Don’t Forget Your Local Newspaper


It is about getting real customers to call you. That is what matters.

With all the talk about online marketing, Local SEO and content marketing.   Local businesses have a great opportunity to get exposure in the local newspaper by writing a press release.

I was working with one of my client to create now content for their website and the topic we where working on was how the morter and deteriorated brick from the inside of chimneys falls down to the bottom of the chimney and blocks the exhaust of the hot water heater and the furnace.

You Are An Expert In Your Industry – Let Your Knowledge Help Others

Well it was going into heating season and I got to thinking this is really useful stuff.  I personally had this problem before when one of my rental properties, I had to call a chimney sweep and 10 minutes later and $125 poorer they pulled off the duct work in my basement.  Cleaned out the chimney and they were done.  Heck I could have done that.

Writing The Press Release

So I sat down and wrote a press release to the local newspaper.  The ultimate goal was to get a story in the newspaper and get a link to their website.

Check out the press release below: Click on the image to read the full press release



The Reporter Called and Wanted A Photo Shoot

A few days later a reporter called and wanted to do a story.  I got the reporter in touch with the business owners.  Turns out the wanted to have a photographer do a ride along and get some pictures.

Front Page Of The Business Section – 2/3 of the Page

They ended up publishing the article on the local newspapers website.  Click here to see story.


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