Does Your YouTube Channel Link To The Wrong Google + Business Listing


If the answer is yes Log In To Your You Tube Account at .

connect-with-google+ local business listing to your youtube channel


Return name to “xxxxxx and disconnect Google+ profile”

connect youtube to your google + local business listing

We also had this screen appear for this client.  In this case we went back the next day and worked on linking their account.  Either way “Yes We Want To Disconnect The Account”

connecting youtube to your google plus local business listing


linking your YouTube Channel To Your Google Plus Business Listing

Either way yes you want to Disconnect Your Channel From Your Google+ Page

Optimizing Your Google Plus Local Business Listing

You still need to link your account to the correct Google + Local Business Listing

In the top right corner click on your name even though it does not appear possible.

connect-youtube with your google + business listing


Then Settings and advanced  – You will get 1 of 2 screens.  The 1st is below where I already have him set up as a manager of his Google + Local Business page

how to connect your youtube account to your google + local business page

The 2nd possible scenario  – Select “Advanced”  – Now I went back in and I still could link to the Google + Local Business Listing.


If you are in scenario #1 you will probably get the message displayed “We are still completing the work needed to fully disconnect your channel from Google+.  Connecting will be available in about 20 minutes.”

how to connect your youtube account to your google + local business page

I then tried to make this person a manager of the Google + Local Business listing.  Check out my blog post on How To Make A Manager OF A Google Pluse Business Page

Next I logged out and then logged back in


Again I went back to settings and advanced


At this point I finally was able to link this client to their Youtube Channel and their Google + Local Business Page.

Connecting Your Google + Local Business Page and Your YouTube Channel

And here is the final result.

link your google plus business listing with your YouTube Channnel


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